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About us

Elefant Traks is one of Australia's leading hip hop and beats labels. Since 1998, we have released over 50 albums, organised countless tours and cultivated some of the most accomplished artists in the country.

The Elefant Traks licensing platform launched in September 2015 on the Soundgizmo platform, with the goal of offering simple and fast-paced solutions to the often complicated and confusing world of music licensing.

The simple user interface allows interested parties to submit licensing requests via an online form. In time, selected tracks from the Elefant Traks catalogue will be also be available to be licensed near-instantly, in a process very similar to purchasing music via digital outlets.



What is a music license?

A music license gives you permission to use a copyrighted musical work.  There are lots of different kinds of music licensing, but the most common type that we deal with at Elefant Traks is synchronisation (or synch) licensing.  This is a license that allows you to use music to accompany visual media, such as film, TV, YouTube videos, trailers etc.  

Do I need one?

If you’d like to use someone else’s music on your public project, then yes!  Buying a CD or a song on iTunes does not give you permission to use this music in your own work.

You’ll need to get permission even if:
- It’s not making any money
- It’s for a good cause
- You only use a few seconds of a song.

However, these factors will definitely be considered when agreeing on a price for your license, so make sure you give as many details as possible.

How much does it cost to license a song?

The cost of the license depends on lots of different factors, such as what the song is being used for, how popular the song and artist are, the amount of the song being used, the length of the contract etc.

As a general guide, tracks by unpublished artists are more affordable than those by published artists. 

Can I get a license for free?

In some cases, such as for charitable causes, we can grant a short-term license for free if the artist agrees to it.  However this is usually more difficult for published artists.

How long does a license last for?

Not forever.  The price of your license will depend on how long you want it to last.  Contract lengths can range from less than three months to over five years, and this is negotiated at the time of purchasing the license.

What is a published artist?

A synch license consists of two ‘sides’ – the master (sound recording of the song) and the composition (rights like lyrics, arrangement and melody).

Elefant Traks owns the masters for all of our artists.  A few of our larger artists also have a separate publisher, who administers those composition rights.

As such, obtaining a license for a published artist is slightly different process, as you’ll need to get a separate license from the publisher as well as from Elefant Traks.

How do I license a track by a published artist?

Start off by submitting a license request through our website, as per usual.

We’ll take care of getting permission from the artist, and we’ll also put you in touch with their publisher. 

You’ll be responsible for negotiating license terms and fees with the publisher.  If everybody is happy with those terms, our fees for the master will match whatever you agree upon with the publisher.

It’s important to keep this in mind when talking to a publisher, because their fee will be 50% of the total license cost.  The other 50% will be the cost of the master, controlled by Elefant Traks.

Who are your published artists?

Hermitude, Urthboy, Joelistics and Horrorshow.

Some songs by other artists have been co-written by these artists.  This means that a percentage of the publishing side may be owned by a publisher, or multiple publishers.

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