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OKENYO x WNBL on Fox Sports

OKENYO has teamed up with Fox Sports to launch the new Women's National Basketball League Season. The WNBL launches on October 5 and for the first time since 2015 will return to national TV following an exciting new partnership with FOX SPORTS, on Foxtel. To celebrate, OKENYO’s ‘WOMAN’S WORLD’ will be bringing the vibe and the power to the WNBL as part of FOX SPORTS’ launch promo video. OKENYO explains: “WOMAN'S WORLD and the WNBL are the perfect team. I'm so proud to be associated with a group of strong and willful women who have already conquered on many fronts and are always ready to step it up every game." FOX SPORTS, on Foxtel, will broadcast a weekly WNBL game each Saturday at 3pm plus all finals matches. The WNBL launch video is now on air across Foxtel channels.

Jayteehazard and OKENYO in The Other Guy

Matt Okine's new comedy, The Other Guy, launched last week on Stan. The mostly Australian, indie soundtrack features some gems, including Elefant Traks artists OKENYO with 'WOMAN'S WORLD', and Jayteehazard with 'Red Shift'. You can stream the series in full on stan.com.au.


With power, truth and vulnerability, OKENYO gives you the unapologetic ‘WOMAN’S WORLD’. Its wry wit and complex wordplay ignites a movement; addressing the hypocrisies that women should try and fit into a man’s world, and calls upon the camaraderie of the female force. “You can call me feminazi, go ahead and call me nasty”, OKENYO raps with no regrets. There is a valiant self-awareness in the lyricism and performance throughout ‘Woman’s World’, and even when the layers are stripped back to an individual vocal line, a defiant resolve remains in the message. OKENYO identifies the misrepresentation of gender and racial stereotypes in the current political and socials spheres worldwide. She establishes herself as a fearless artist, with integrity as well as a sense of humour. Enlisting co-producer Lionel Towers (Gypsy and the Cat), OKENYO has taken her time to mould and refine a bold new sound. Exploring fresh and fiercely unique productions, the beat feels as radical as the sentiment in which it carries. When only a large platform will do for such a big song, WOMAN’S WORLD landed a worldwide premiere on Beats 1 with Ebro Darden on July 18; a significant step for such a young and up-and-coming artist. WOMAN’S WORLD is out NOW via Elefant Traks, with 100% of both master and publishing available to clear.BUY/STREAM it HEREREQUEST A LICENSE HERE

Horrorshow drop 'Bardo State'

Sydney hip hop kings Horrorshow are back with their fourth studio album, 'Bardo State'. A heady mix of party jams, love songs and introspective gems, it's a stunning coming-of-age story about the journey we take between our twenties and thirties. 'Bardo State', inspired by concepts of Tibetan Buddhism, means the 'intermediate state’ between two lives on earth. Adopting this as a metaphor, Horrorshow explore the transition between adolescence and adulthood, with collaborations from Hayley Mary (The Jezabels), Freddy Crabs (Sticky Fingers), Turquoise Prince, Dan Caplen, Omar Musa and Kai (Jackie Onassis). Proudly presented by Elefant Traks and Universal Music Publishing, Bardo State is this year's soundtrack to life, love and fresh confidence.


Urthboy is back with fresh new single ‘Crushing Hard’ and a huge tour announcement for March 2017. 2016 saw the release of his most successful album to date, The Past Beats Inside Me Like A Second Heartbeat, as well as an entirely sold out national tour, and some of Australia’s best festivals. With barely any pause to catch a breath, Urthboy delivers a completely unique single out of nowhere, the unexpected slow banger ‘Crushing Hard’. Says Urthboy: “It uses a lyric from that song and springboards into a completely different space in the same spectrum of love. If Wade in the Water is about an enduring love that is wonderfully imperfect and turbulent and real – Crushing Hard is about the impatient intensity that leads up to it. It’s also about not having the emotional maturity to come out and simply tell the person you like that you have a crush on them.” A notable element of ‘Crushing Hard’ is Urthboy’s melodic singing in the first verse – a vulnerable performance illustrating an ongoing desire to break new ground, cementing his reputation as a songwriter with many hats. Production by Max Mostley (a German hip hop producer) accompanies the vocals subtly with its orchestral touches, accentuating the drama of heartache. Urthboy will be taking the ‘Crushing Hard Tour’ around Australia in March/April 2017, with supports from the enigmatic Joyride (playing live) and multitalented Alice Ivy. You can buy/stream 'Crushing Hard' here, and request a license here. Tickets to the ‘Crushing Hard Tour’ available nowHead to www.urthboy.com


As the first welcoming notes of the piano ring out, Horrorshow take us into the last moments before a loved one is farewelled at the departure gates. The melancholy of parting is softened by the understanding that it’s the right thing to do. There’s a tension that exists between adolescence and adulthood, and the acceptance that the things that are important to us can leave us with difficult decisions to make. “You’ve gotta pick a path, and stay true to whatever’s in your heartAnd if that means that we’ve gotta be apart,Well there’ll be days when that’s going to be hard but we’ve got to try and…” Taj Ralph’s angelic chorus has a wide-eyed innocence, like a soaring rush of wisdom from a gentle place. The collaboration was an unlikely one; spawned by a chance encounter as Solo walked by the now 16-year-old Taj while he was busking in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. The buzz around Taj is growing and his performance on ‘Push’ illustrates exactly why. ‘Push’ gets close to the heart of Horrorshow’s new album (due early 2017), where the transition between young and carefree and growing up and getting real is more pronounced. Horrorshow are in full flight as they draw closer to album number 4, having just finished the ‘If You Know What I Mean’ tour across the country, playing to a series of sold out rooms.You can stream, download and request a sync license for 'Push feat. Taj Ralph' here.


Elefant Traks' newest signing, B Wise, has released his debut EP 'Semi Pro'. For an artist that has conquered many dreams already in his short career, ‘Semi Pro’ is a humble description of where he is right now, with a promise of where he is heading next. Late nights in the studio with producer Dopamine have finally paid off with the release of B Wise’s debut EP through Elefant Traks. ‘No Questions’ set the scene for this release. Premiering on triple j last month, new listeners got a true introduction to this rising MC. Labelled an introspective banger, delving into his journey from adolescence to adulthood. Now the proud moment of releasing his first body of work, B Wise explains, ‘Semi Pro feels like my baby I’m finally able to birth & give to the world.To me, Its more than just an EP title. I hope it will be a strong contribution to a fresh movement of sound, style, expression and progression that is hip hop in Australia.’ There is a warmth and self-awareness to ‘Semi Pro’, the lyricism is complex and honest and the beats are progressive. One thing is clear, listeners will be left with the certainty that B Wise is in the building, he is here to stay, and as the party joint states, you’ve got to ‘risk it all’. “it stands to be one of the best hip hop releases of 2016’s second half” – AU REVIEW “with a flow smooth as a creamy hot chocolate” – PILERATS “B Wise’s progressive hip-hop pits razor sharp lyrics against samples that stretch the rhythm like salt-water taffy” – ROLLING STONE Semi Pro is now available for licensing - you can listen to it here.


‘If You Know What I Mean’ is so fluent and self-assured; it captures Solo and Adit with the top down. Production is fly, lyrics are tight; it’s all so deceptively effortless – and a breezy taste of what’s sounding like their most impressive album to date. Horrorshow have always had an authenticity about their music, earning them an almost unrivalled dedication from their fanbase, who express their appreciation with tattooed lyrics and collected ticket stubs. ‘If You Know What I Mean’ finds Horrorshow in a great place; ambitious and confident, yet honest and direct; it’s an ode to giving yourself permission to feel good about yourself and your achievements. With a striking video clip and a live tour announce to boot, If You Know What I Mean is generating some well-deserved excitement. It's available to license now through Elefant Traks - you can listen to it here.


In a flurry of excitement at his sold-out Oxford Art Factory show last week, Urthboy announced onstage that B Wise had joined the Elefant Traks Family! Triple J’s Zan Rowe then got the exclusive on her Take 5 segment the following morning. Today, we make it official, and can tell you B Wise is finishing off his first EP for release in August. B Wise has been turning heads across the country since the release of the infectious ‘Prince Akeem’ (“It’s more than a party jam – this song IS a party” Dom Alessio), and the outstanding follow-up ‘Lately’. The buzzing African-Australian MC went on to win over unfamiliar crowds supporting Vince Staples, Freddie Gibbs, Tuka (Thundamentals) and Yelawolf, as well as gracing festivals stages at Listen Out Sydney and The Plot. 2016 has been bigger than ever for B Wise, kicking off the year with a performance at the FBi Radio SMAC Festival and scoring a nomination for ‘Next Big Thing’ in the FBi SMAC Awards. In March, he earned his first official addition on triple j with ‘40 Days’, his latest single produced by Nic Martin. After jumping on Urthboy’s ‘Running Into The Flames’ and working closely with him, B Wise explains how it all aligned: “Over the last 12 months, Urthboy and I have built a solid relationship and I’ve always found his insights sincere and inspiring. This assured me that joining the Elefant Traks family would provide me with the support system to create the way I wanted and not be afraid to do things a little different to what’s coming out of Australian scene at the moment. Plus, Elefant Traks is a legendary label, it was a no brainer!” Elefant Traks licensing is excited to announce that 'Lately' and '40 Days' are now available for licensing. You can listen to them here.


Today, Elefant Traks artist L-FRESH The LION released his latest album. Become is the prequel to L-FRESH The LION’s celebrated debut, One, and a majestic second release. Become is a story of navigating the complexities and tensions that come with inheriting and adopting two very different cultures. It goes beyond the surface of East meets West and dives into what is often uncharted territory. As a piece of work, it exists as a powerful and moving story that widens the scope of Australia’s cultural narrative. The 11 songs explore resilience and living through adversity, without succumbing to darkness and depression. L-FRESH The LION is fearless, laying himself out in song, revealing a great pride in his family lineage and history that makes this album very personal and remarkably conspicuous. Producer Michael McGlynn brought an uncomplicated musicality that defines it’s clarity. From the upbeat first single, Get Mine feat. Parvyn’ to the biting humour of Hold Up feat. REMI, or the call-to-battle adrenalin rush of Takeover, to the solemn moments you take with unBecome, this album is truly arresting from beginning to end. It's available to license now from Elefant Traks licensing - you can take a listen here.


Introducing Elefant Traks' newest signing, OKENYO, and her new single '10 Feet Tall'. OKENYO emerges from the pack as a uniquely charismatic artist, part of a new generation of powerful women making their mark. Mysterious and evocative in her lyricism and storytelling, ’10 feet tall’ is an introduction to a special artist. Okenyo announced herself in 2015 with the wry and colourful ‘Just A Story’, turning heads here and Internationally. It was featured in CLASH (UK), Noisey (US) and HUNGER TV (UK), who described OKENYO as “Equal parts Frank Ocean, Grace Jones and M.I.A.” 2016 began with a bang, joining label-mate Urthboy and the supreme Sampa The Great on the warm and uplifting ‘Second Heartbeat’ - a favourite on triple j and community radio alike. 10 Feet Tall sees her collaborating with producer Badcop (Tkay Maidza’s ‘Brontosaurus’ and ‘Handle My Ego’). With a mission statement of igniting strength and spirit in the women around her, she explains the meaning behind the song: “Sometimes before you know it you’re stuck in a way of living and it feels almost impossible to make a change, to break habits. But if it isn’t enough, why stay the same? 10 Feet Tall is a manifesto for the future: stand tall and claim your power.” Directed and created by Josh Harris (Welcome The Machines), the video clip has style and intrigue, and a girl gang that will pack a punch. With an enthralling new single, a fresh label deal and a national tour ahead of her, the excitement has just begun. ’10 Feet Tall’ is available now to license via Elefant Traks. Listen to it here.

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